2014 French expedition to Jiangzhoudong cave in the Guangxi province of China - Winter 2014

10 days of intense exploration in one of the biggest cave systems of China.

Assignment work for Canadian Wildlife: The Last Stand Spring 2014

I was privileged to photograph the cover story of Canadian Wildlife magazine on Spotted Owls last summer. Northern Spotted Owls are the most endangered bird in Canada. The roots of their decline? Habitat loss and the arrival of a pugnacious habitat competitor.

Assignment work for Canadian Geographic Magazine: Avalanches! Winter 2013

I spent two months in the bitterly cold Canadian winter documenting the work of avalanche professionals trying to tame the force of nature.

Unexplored: Mt Rainier Ice Caves Summer 2013

I had heard tales of alpinists getting stranded on the summit of Mt Rainier and seeking refuge into some ice caves. It was confirmed to me by a volcanologist I was interviewing for another project: "Yes, there are ice caves on the summit of Mt Rainier and they are carved into the crater glacier by volcanic fumes! I had to go have a look!

Self Supported Hiking Trip in the Spectrum Range Summer 2013

A self-supported trip in the Canadian wilderness is always an undertaking. But I had never experienced one of this magnitude. The Spectrum Range in Northern BC is one of the most visually stunning places I have had the chance to visit in my life. Add to that no human being in sight for 10 consecutive days, no trails, not even footprints...

On-spec work for Gregory Backpack in the Rockies 27/07/2012

Some on-speck work for Gregory Backpacks in the Canadian Rockies. Incredible sceneries, fantastic friends!

Booming Ice Chasm cave 24/03/2012

Back in July 2013, my caving friends from Canmore gave me a call. They wanted to show me a very special cave in the Crows Nest Pass area. "You gotta photograph this!" So we went… We spent two days up there, surveying, exploring and making images. The beauty and size of this place were beyond anything I could have imagined. The images have since then been published all over the world and met a great success. Don't ask me the coordinates of the entrance… they're secret!

New canyon discovery 24/05/2012

I spent most of last summer exploring canyons around Vancouver, BC. This gave birth to my first movie "Down The Line" and to several articles. This slideshow is the story of the discovery and exploration of two particularly extraordinary canyons near Squamish, BC.

US road trip - Utah 24/05/2012

Brice Canyon NP, Escalante, Canyonlands NP, Arches NP

US road trip - Nevada and Utah - 16/05/2012

Death Valley, Zion NP, canyoneering, "The Narrows"

US road trip - Oregon and California - 08/05/2012

Oregon Coast, Monterey, Yosemite NP

Spring mountaineering with J.-P. - 06/13/2011

Amazing what you can do up there when you are roped up with the right person. I spent four rainy, stormy days around Wedge mountain with J-P and, believe it or not, we had a great time and did some really nice kicking as ascents. 

Squamish climbing with Vlad - 05/31/2011

A quite strong climber and his fellow, one of the best granit in the world and me hanging on a rope.

Winter triathlon with Bianca - 05/27/2011

Bianca is a good everything. A good swimmer, a good longboarder, a good basketballer... She's scared of pretty much nothing and especially not of being soaking in 5°C water for 3 hours. Thanks Bianca for this wonderfull photoshoot.

Sweet kayaking night in Spanish Banks - 05/20/2011

This is kind of a tradition for Vancouver ourdoorsies. There is nothing more relaxing than some paddeling in the Burrard Inlet after a big busy working day. Thanks Melissa and James!

Biking with Tobin - 04/10/2011

I got my camera in every possible position to shoot this wonderful race biker. Laying down on the road, sitting in the trunk of my car, clamping the camera to the handlebar...